Welcome to Glacial Lake Kennel

Where my fuzz-butts are my family and everything is about the dogs!

Glacial Lake is located in Saugeen Shores, Ontario and is home to 18 CKC/AKC registered Siberian Huskies. These dogs are my pride, my joy, my life.

 We are active in the highly competitive world of sprint racing, primarily focusing on 4 & 6 dog pure bred sprint classes. During our short racing career, we have had the pleasure of competing twice for Team Canada, once in 2015 for the Dryland World Championship in Bristol QC, and again in 2017 for the Sled Worlds in Halliburton, ON.

 I am dedicated to the preservation, improvement, and development of working Siberian huskies.  I work with my dogs in harness activities and in a variety of other off-season activities such as, Confirmation, Rally Obedience, Agility, Lure Coursing, Swimming, and daily Free-running.

My primary goal is that my dogs are sound, happy, healthy, active, well trained, and living a balanced lifestyle.  Over my short 8 years working with Siberians, I have formed relationships with other established competitive kennels all over North America that share my goals and aspirations, both in Sprint and Mid-distance. Some of these long standing and successful training, racing, and breeding kennels have helped me along the way by not only offering mentorship, but have also  entrusted me with puppies of strong bloodlines and proven heritage. These are the puppies that have grown into the foundation of my kennel and race teams; I am thankful for them every day!

This web page offers you a glimpse into our world.

Please click on the links and pages to learn more about us, sled dog history, and information on training and events we organize and endorse in Ontario.

I am a member of Mush with PRIDE and pass multiple voluntary & mandatory Kennel inspections each year.  

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What is Mush with PRIDE?


PRIDE stands for Providing Responsible Information on a Dog’s Environment. The relationship between sled dogs and humans is one of the oldest bonds of its kind. Modern sled dog owners are proud of their dogs as canine athletes that are bred and trained to do what they love – run as part of a team. Mush with PRIDE supports the responsible care and humane treatment of all dogs and is dedicated to enhancing the care and treatment of sled dogs in their traditional and modern uses.

Mush with PRIDE was established in 1991 as an organisation of mushers who were concerned about the care of sled dogs and public perceptions of mushing. To address some of these concerns, PRIDE developed sled dog care and equipment guidelines. We instituted a voluntary kennel inspection program and created a website to facilitate communication with dog mushers whose main concern is treatment and care of sled dogs.

Voluntary Kennel Inspection

PRIDE initiated this voluntary kennel inspection program to allow members to document the excellent care that they provide in their kennels every day. Download these documents to learn more about the program.

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